How PW Pro™ Works

PWproB_W_1PW Pro™ comes in two versions, Basic and Deluxe.  Both versions contain the same content, and guide you through the process of creating your own Professional Will.

PW Pro™ Deluxe, available for Windows versions of Microsoft Word only (any version from 97 on), is distributed as a Microsoft Word document with built-in “macros” (programs) that power a series of forms. As you fill in the requested information, PW Pro offers explanations with examples whenever you need them. When you’ve finished filling out the forms, PW Pro™ creates a Professional Will customized for your practice.

PW Pro™ Basic works with all versions of Microsoft Word, including Mac or Windows.  It is distributed as a standard Word document (no macros).  Instructions and examples are provided as comments that point out where you need to insert your information.  When you’ve finished entering your information, your Professional Will is finished.

With either Deluxe or Basic versions, you end up with a fully formatted, customized document which you can print as is, or copy and paste into another file for further editing as you wish.  If you can use Word, you can use PW Pro™.  It’s easy!

System requirements

PW Pro™ runs as a document in Microsoft Word, so that’s what you need on your computer.

For PW Pro™ Deluxe, you can have any version of Microsoft Word for Windows from Word 97 on (including 2003, 2007, and 2010).  (The Deluxe version works only on Windows-based systems–not Macintosh. If you have a Macintosh, get PW Pro Basic.)